Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Janna Hewitt - May 7, 2007

On Monday, May 7 my beautiful wife, Anna, gave birth to our daughter - Janna Rebecca Hewitt, 8 lbs, 4 oz., 20.5 inches. Unbelievable! Of course, I'm a bit proud and biased, but Janna is the most precious, beautiful thing in the world! I tell everyone that Janna is all "Anna" and just a little bit of "J." She was two weeks early. Hard to believe that Anna and I were at the Boston marathon just 3 weeks earlier on April 16! In fact, Anna started feeling contractions the next week (April 25) while I was in Virginia racing the Tour of Virginia. Turned out to be false labor, but it got my attention! If "false" became "real" we had a plan for her to call my director in the team car during the race. I would have raced for the finish line and probably kept on going!

But on May 7 Anna and I wouldn't even have gone to the hospital if the doctor hadn't told Anna that she was in labor during a visit to his office that morning! She was having no pain that afternoon so we went home and casually packed our bags, a cooler of snacks, pillows and the exercise ball for Anna to use in the delivery room, still not convinced that this was it. We even stopped by the grocery store for a little birthday cake with Janna's name on it just in case. Not the normal rush to the hospital! Anna had decided to do the Bradley Method of natural child birth with no pain medication. I'm so proud of her! She exercised during pregnancy and stayed fit and healthy did fantastic! Little Janna was born at 11:59 pm that night, May 7! Just barely made the midnight cut off . . . or curfew! Ha!
Anna and Janna are both doing great! The past month has been lots of fun and lots of diapers, and just a little sleep. But I've managed to train and even race a few local triathlons with good results (see above) so I can't wait to carry her across the finish line one day!

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