Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ironman Florida, November 4, 2006

This was my 5th year in a row at this race. Maybe I should buy property. I’ve had some great results here and some not so great, but that’s Ironman! 2006 was one of the not-so-great. I’ve eaten asphalt a few times in 2006, crash and clavicle surgery in March and another crash last month at the SC Half IM (see post below) so my training this year has been disrupted a bit. Work also required lots of attention in October (imagine that!) preparing to spend November in Florida and Australia at the Worlds. But we all have to juggle life’s obligations and little surprises. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, definitely not in an Ironman! I speak on this subject of balance and motivation a lot so check out some tips on Finish Line Vision on my website. You will get there!

IM FL 2006 had some testy conditions, not hard for most races but definitely the most challenging of the last 4 years here. It was cold race morning (37 degrees! Pppp…erfect for a swim). The Gulf felt like a warm bath. As expected my swim was slow, still recovering from my shoulder surgery. A bad swim makes you feel like you’re spending the day playing catch up, and patience is important in Ironman. It’s a long race and you have to trust your strengths, and
cycling is mine. The bike was a bit chilly at first 40s and 50s, see my arm warmers in the photos. This was supposed to be warm Florida! But the real killer was the relentless wind! It seemed like a head and cross wind for 80 of the 112 miles! Not fun with a deep dish front wheel and rear disk!

I had a fantastically crappy bike. A glacial 5:23, 24 minutes off my best here of 4:59 in 2004. Mostly due to lack of training this year, but I’m also still struggling with dehydration problems. I hope to soon get my sweat rate and sodium loss tested at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. It is also possible that my dehydration problems are related to blood sugar fluctuations. That’s why I’m excited about my new Omnipod insulin pump by Insulet. I just got it before this race and haven’t had time to fine tune the basal rate, but the convenience is fantastic! No strings or tubes! Check it out!

My swim and bike left me down in the pack so I didn’t push the marathon with the World Championship coming up just 2 weeks later in Australia. But my dehydration wouldn’t let me run hard any way! It was a slow 26 mile jog to the finish.

No matter how bad some days, races are, you will recover and be stronger next time! Remember that! Thanks for all of your emails and comments. Talk to you from Australia at the Worlds November 19!

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